The unicorn of the music industry is back and with a vengeance.

Teyana Taylor has always pushed the envelope with her sexy videos, explicit lyrics and unique style but this time she's taking it to another level. If you are a 'punta fan' then  you've probably wondered why did she disappear from social media! We have our answer.

She was working on a master piece!

In her new video 'WTP' she's putting on for the LGBTQ community with a 8 minute cinderella story centered around the New York ball scene. If you thought her 'Fade' performance was amazing wait until you check this out!

Teyana Taylor brought the looks, the dance moves and the vibes! This new video is a must watch!

If this is just a tease for what's to come in 2019 then this year is definitely going to be a big one for her.





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