Could Christian Bale be the caped crusader again? Dreams do come true!

The Dark Knight Christian Bale
via Official Dark Knight Facebook page

By now you may have picked up on the fact that I am Christian Bale fan. So you can imagine my horror when I read that the newest Superman film would feature ANOTHER actor as the Dark Knight. Um, excuse me. As far as I am concerned, Christian Bale is Batman. Anyone else would simply be a cheap knock off. All seemed lost, until rumors surfaced this week that Bale would be offered $50 million to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne.

Now, let's be honest, if we believed every movie rumor that came out of Hollywood, we'd already have a Friends Movie and Ghostbusters 3. However, if that $50 million figure is true, it seems like a really huge amount of money AND  a really big role to turn down! So until Christian Bale comes out and says he is never ever ever getting back together with DC Comics, I will hold out hope! However, I would also be willing to settle with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the runner up choice.

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