Ever live next door to someone who has a barking dog that just won't stop? Now is your chance to voice your opinion about the City of Temple's animal ordinance in an open survey that has been published online.

The city of Temple is looking for feedback from residents about the current animal ordinance. A new survey with ten questions is waiting online through May 8th for you to voice your opinion on issues like rules for pet owners that include leashing and tethering pets in the city of Temple.

The survey asks for the public's feedback on what the consequences should be if an animal ever attacks someone or destroys someone's property such as a fence. The city also asks about the number of pets per residence, how long a litter can be kept at a residence, and they are even asking about the process to file complaints about barking dogs.
Residents can vote until May 8th when the data will be collected and taken to the Animal Advisory Board for review. They will then propose amendments for the city council to weigh in on.

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