That construction worker isn't digging a ditch, he's a cop in disguise working on catching the next motorist who is texting while driving. It's been done before but ya got to hand it to them, it's very effective.

CBS Austin reports these cops issued about 60 tickets in 3 hours using this stealthy technique.

One officer with a radio just keeps his eyes out for folks texting and driving. When he sees someone doing the deed he radios ahead to inform a uniformed officer about the violation. In this case, it's the officer on a motorcycle hiding out on the side of the road.

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Does the uniformed officer need to actually see you texting and driving? Is the word from the officer in disguise over a radio enough to convict you of a violation? The shortest answer is, I don't know for sure. The cops in this story are doing this to motorists in Georgia this week. Ya got to believe if they are doing it in one state it won't be long before it happens here. It probably is a method that has been around for years but is just making the news again. Pretty shrewd. I like the out of the box thinking. Of course, I probably would not like the ticket. But then again, I don't text and drive.

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