Last night (Jan. 28) Young Dolph's tour bus was cleared out by police according to Dolph himself. In a video posted to his Instagram earlier today (Jan. 29), police are seen questioning the rapper and his entourage outside of their tour bus, but it doesn't appear any arrests have been made.

"Last night in Virginia. Why 15 officers come to my tour bus lookin for me? Cause I’m black? Cause I’m a rapper? Cause I’m rich?" Dolph questioned in his Instagram post. "Why y’all have my boys out in the cold searching them? I know y’all racist pussies felt like dummies when u discovered I wasn’t on the bus. The owners of the club came out and told y’all if we were a white music group y’all wouldnt have fukd wit us. I hope every last 1 of y’all wives was at home sukin some black garbage man’s dick while y’all was out fukin with us for nuthin. I hope all y’all daughters was gettin gangbanged by a group of black guys at your house in the living room. I hope all the female officers that was out there turn into heiron addicts. FUKKKKK YALLLLLLL‼️ Sincerely, Paper Route Frank"

Unfortunately, this isn't the first incident Dolph was involved in this year. Just earlier this month, a man attempted to rob the rapper of his chain—which resulted in a trip to the hospital for the would-be thief. Dolph remained unharmed with jewelry in tact, save for a few cuts and bruises on his hands.

In better news, Dolph will be hitting the road this year with 2017 XXL Freshman Kap G on the 2019 Role Model Tour. Tickets are available now here.

Young Dolph has since deleted the Instagram post, but you can watch video of the incident below.

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