Apple just made lurking a thousand times easier!

Before I drop details on this crazy ass glitch I have to say that I was not a believer! I swore up and down that this was just social media making nothing into something but I WAS WRONG!

If you've been on social media today then you've seen everybody talking about Apple and this slip up. Whoever is the person behind exposing the secret WE THANK YOU!

Yesssssss, you can listen in on people you call, even if they don't pickup.

Check out how below.

Step 1) You and the person you are attempting to call has to have the latest update!

Step 2) Proceed to face-time like normal and when they don't answer swipe up.

Step 3) Once you swipe up you have the option to add another caller (this option is only available to those who have the latest update)

Step 4) Add your number as the extra caller.

Step 5) The phone will automatically connect you to their line which will give you access to an audio call.

There you have it! Lurking made easy. Your welcome!

Side note: Be careful this new hack is liable to break up a happy home!






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