One of the last roles Cory Monteith played before his tragic passing from an accidental heroin overdose was, ironically, a substance abuser. Now we're getting a peek at Monteith in the dramatic role.

In the crime drama 'McCanick,' Cory plays drug addict Simon Weeks, a young criminal released from prison who's then hunted by two policemen who want to hide a secret.

Prior to his death, Monteith had been quite forthcoming about his history of drug abuse, and had even publicly announced a recent stint in rehab. So Simon was a character Cory could certainly relate to.

"I think he saw the role as an opportunity for catharsis," director Josh C. Waller told Entertainment Weekly (quotes via the NY Post) earlier this year. And while Waller was initially reluctant to meet with the 'Glee' star about the role, he ultimately offered him the part.

"The second that we started shooting, like literally the moment that he was on camera, any concerns that I had were gone," Waller said. "Immediately gone."

'McCanick' and another film starring Monteith, 'All the Wrong Reasons,' will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

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