There seems to be some momentum building in Congress regarding a fourth stimulus check.


Like most Central Texans, my stimulus check was cashed and spent within moments of getting it. The bills that piled up over the last year during the pandemic needed to get paid and that's exactly what I did with the money my family received. The stimulus money was needed and much appreciated.

Could there be more on the way?

It sounds like more and more members of Congress are on-board with a fourth stimulus payment, according to a report compiled by NBC News. Citing an article from Yahoo! Finance, NBC reports that 50 House Democrats and 11 Senators have all signed letters to President Biden asking for recurring payments for as long as the pandemic continues. Meanwhile, Fox News and Newsweek report that 21 Senators have called for the Biden administration to extend unemployment insurance benefits.

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The call for recurring payments started after the 2020 CARES ACT passed, which was the one with $1,200 stimulus payments. Many politicians believe that $2,000 recurring payments are needed and will help many families affected by the ongoing pandemic.

Will it actually ever come to a vote? Hard to tell. Democrats had to re-work the latest bill, including dropping the $15 per-hour minimum wage portion of the bill and rework the unemployment benefits portion just to get it to pass the Senate.

But if a fourth stimulus package does come to a vote, expect it to target lower income individuals and families.

What do you think? Should Congress be working on a fourth stimulus package? How about they just put a freeze on oil prices and keep gas under $2 a gallon until the pandemic ends? That along with some other strategic freezes could actually help Americans as well.

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