Cracker Barrel is already an amazing place to eat, but with the addition of alcohol, it might just shoot right up to the top!

According to a report from Delish, Cracker Barrel has added alcohol to 20 of their locations to help boost sales. The restaurant was planning this move prior to the pandemic of COVID-19, but I'm sure now it will help more than ever.

Of course the most important question here is, will there be mimosas?
The answer: YES!

Word on the street is that Cracker Barrel is serving two flavors of mimosas: strawberry, and orange.

I need a Central Texas location to start serving alcohol ASAP! Like most ladies, one of my favorite pastimes is brunch, and now I can't imagine a better brunch outing than at Cracker Barrel. Of course, they were always my number 1 for breakfast, but alcohol is most definitely needed for brunch.

Cheers to a future of hash brown casserole and strawberry mimosas!

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