Everybody Hates Meek!

This beef stuff is still going strong! Its been a good four days and both parties are still dropping diss records and throwing shots on Instagram.

Now it wouldn't be right if we didn't pick sides in all of this drama and by now you guys should know I'm team no foolery. After an intense lurk session I have finally decided on which player I'm rolling with.

I'll take Meek Mill for five hundred Alex!!

Yeah I'm rolling with my guy Meek on this one. I smell publicity stunt a mile away and honestly Im disappointed in The Game. He's turning into a mini 50 Cent.

During the Bosslady Lounge I asked listeners to call in and drop who they are rolling with...Here's what they had to say...

Caller 1

Caller 2

We are team Meek..Who you rolling with?

Check out these funny memes while you decide: