America runs on Dunkin' we are told. Central Texas, not so much but that may be changing.

After an absence of three decades, Dunkin' Donuts will reopen in Waco on October 4.  According to a report in the Waco Tribune, the store will be located at 1200 N. Valley MIlls Dr.

As of right now, the only Dunkin' Donuts we know of is on post at Fort Hood. Not exactly open to the public. The next closest location is in Round Rock.

Here is what caught my eye: franchise owner Mark Nelson has secured a territory which includes Bell County, specifically Belton, Copperas Cove, Temple, Killeen, and Salado.  This territory also includes Aggieland in the College Station/Bryan area.

I want to go on record as stating that this should in no way be construed as an article which bashes local donut shops and our own Shipley's Donuts. We appreciate local flavor.

For their part, a Shipley spokesman is quoted in the article saying he's not worried. I guess they know the old Chinese saying: if you wait by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy come floating by.  They already  chased Dunkin' Donuts out of the market once as well as fried dough rival, Krispy Kreme.

Dunkin' Donuts moved into the Baton Rouge market when I lived there about four years ago. They'd been gone for about 25 years.  Like Texas and Shipley's, Baton Rouge has its own chain of beloved donuts, namely Mary Lee Donuts.  Shipley's tried in that market but ultimately closed. In North Baton Rouge,  Krispy Kreme has had a regional hub and storefront for 50 years. And Dunkin Donuts, who prides itself on their coffee,  had a rude awakening: Louisianians love their coffee bold and flavorful, with loyalty to local brand Community Coffee for 100 years.  The Texas palate prefers a more middle-of-the-road coffee, and I suspect  Dunkin' Donuts  will do fine in that regard.

We will certainly keep you posted on developments in our area.