Dairy Queen is hooking their customers up with the ultimate sweetie's pass!

Could you imagine having $5,000 worth of blizzards? It's possible now with their new summer 'Sweetest Season Pass.' If you enjoy a cold treat on a summer day/night then it's a must that you enter their new contest.

As Dairy Queen prepares to hook 20 customers up with the big win they are also releasing six new seasonal flavors which feature Brownie Batter blizzard, the Girl Scout Thin Mints blizzard, Cotton Candy, Frosted Animal Cookie, Raspberry Fudge Bliss, and the Drumstick with Peanuts blizzard.

Yeah, they coming heat!

From now until May 24th, you have the chance to enter the contest by retweeting the announcement post on Twitter with their favorite Summer Blizzard Treat Menu flavor and use the hashtags #DQSweetestSeasonPass and #DQSweepstakes. Customers can also enter the contest through Facebook by commenting on the announcement post with their favorite item from the summer menu using the same hashtags.

Get your Blizzard on and apply!

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