Well, according to a new study, Dallas guys are faster in the sack than men in any other city in America. That's definitely a top spot that won't be celebrated anytime soon.

This claim is based off of research conducted by Promescent, a spray treatment for guys who are 'quick on the draw', so to speak. Ya know, two pump chumps. Basically, it seems guys in Dallas buy more of that spray stuff, per capita, than anywhere else in America.

First Dallas got hit with Ebola, now they're a little too 'trigger happy'. Let's just hope the Cowboys can keep up their momentum or that city may just spiral out of control. Then again, if they had control, they wouldn't be at the top of this illustrious list.

Here are the top 5 cities of men who last as long as a bag of Doritos in a house full of stoners.

  1. Dallas
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Seattle
  4. Baton Rouge
  5. Memphis


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