I am such a big fan of Daphnique Springs, so when I heard she's coming to Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen, Texas, I knew I had to get the word out.

What I love about this comedian is the fact that she’s a woman of color with raw talent who most certainly does not mind saying anything that’s on her mind.

I first came across Daphnique Springs on social media, where she does skits on Instagram and Facebook that will have you crying with laughter. Daphne's unapologetic comedy honestly reminds me of a young Eddie Murphy in his Raw and Delirious days, or ever a Martin Lawrence type. She's fun, energetic, and definitely outspoken.

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Daphnique Springs will be at the Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge on April 14 and April 16. She is going on a comedy tour, and her first stop is Central Texas.

In my opinion, Daphnique Springs is going to be the female Kevin Hart. I can see her being in, and even writing and directing, movies very soon as well. Listening to her podcast, Unapologetically Daphnique, gives you pretty much what type of person she really is and I love that about her.


This comedian is unapologetic, raw, and undeniably funny. Make sure to be at Twice as Funny Comedy Lounge April 14 and 15th, because a star is being born and you don’t want to miss out on this awesome talent.

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