A bus driver and middle school student from Leander are lucky to be alive after the bus they were in was washed away by flood waters last Tuesday (Oct. 16). Newly released dashcam footage shows just how lucky.

In the footage released by Leander Police Friday, October 27, (which you can watch below) you can clearly see driver Nathan Deyoung recklessly ignore a sign warning that the road ahead is flooded, then driving directly into waters rushing over a crossing.

It doesn't take long for those waters to sweep the bus away, and it floats for quite some distance before finally coming to a rest.

Thankfully, Deyoung and the student on board were rescued safely. Unfortunately for Deyoung, he was arrested and charged with driving past the barricade and fired by Leander ISD.

Hopefully this footage will serve as a reminder and a warning of why it's so important not to ignore those barricades or try to drive through flooded areas.

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