DeJ Loaf is holding it down for her team on the hardcore banger, “Hold It Down.” The song is part of her just-announced DeJ-ember campaign, where the Detroit rhyme-slinger will post something special for her fans throughout December.

Produced by Buddha Bless This Beat, the bass-heavy track features Loaf spitting rhymes about loyalty and how she's down for whatever when it comes to repping her crew. "Look we ain't tryin' to hear it, tell a hoe n---- zip it / Pocket rocket in the slipper never catching us slippin' / Get rid of hoe n----s I'm bout to start a petition," she raps.

She relays her message much clearer on the chorus singing, "I'ma hold it down for my team / I'm gonna hold it down / I'm gonna hold it down for my, my team / I'm gonna hold it down."

Meanwhile, DeJ Loaf is currently working on her debut album, which is called Liberated. The collection boasts guest appearances from soul singer Leon Bridges and production assists from Detail and songwriter Ricky “Wallpaper” Reed. In an interview with The FADER, DeJ Loaf's manager said that the album is "90 percent complete."

Loaf tells the magazine that her project will not be just an ordinary rap album. “I’m hoping people understand that this isn’t fake, or don’t think I’m just doing this because I’m being forced. I’ve always wanted to make bigger music," she said.

“I think I was forcing it, trying to make it sound a certain way as opposed to just letting it be natural,” she added. “I’m thinking, like, Lauryn. I didn’t want to sing. I just wanted to rap, like hardcore. Just give ’em bars. I wanted people to take it seriously. I was just so focused on that at first. And then I’m like, You know what? Just do you.”

You can listen to DeJ Loaf's latest mixtape All Jokes Aside at

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