When it comes to waiting for K-Pop girl group sensation-turned-Crossover Darling CL, the thirst is very real.

The fierce and fashionable 2NE1 diva is poised for an American takeover any day now (really...any day now), and she's been teasing us with tiny moments of greatness along the way, including last year's banging "Dirty Vibe" with Skrillex, G-Dragon and Diplo. Earlier this week, the "MTBD" goddess casually announced a brand new collaboration with frequent collaborator Diplo called "Doctor Pepper," which the producer has just cracked open for us to take a communal swig today. So, how does it go down?

Unlike the screeching insanity of "Dirty Vibe," "Doctor Pepper" sees the rapper cockily weaving her way through ominous electro stabs and clicking tongues, armed with a nasty hook: "Feeling so clean, it don't get no fresher / Chilling in the freezer when I'm under pressure / I put it on ice bitch, Doctor Pepper," she cooly declares across the trap-tinged production. Riff Raff comes in later with his own over-the-top, brag-filled verse ("I done rock more ice than Michelle Kwan / Oh shit, look who it is...the white Barry Bonds!") and OG Maco rounds out the superstar set with his own mile-a-minute flow.

This one's clearly just a warm-up for CL until the main event, but it positions her nicely in the public eye as a force to soon be reckoned with. The question is: Do you bounce to this shit?

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