Separation and divorce are such stressful, emotional times that often one or both spouses think it might be easier to skip hiring an attorney.

Hiring an attorney doesn't necessarily mean that your divorce will be contentious or lengthy, according to the experts at The Carlson Law Firm. However, it does mean that you'll have someone on your side advocating for a fair outcome for you and your children — something that is often difficult for a client to evaluate on their own during a time of such stressful change.

In the long run, hiring an attorney to advise you on your divorce, handle all the paperwork, and discuss your agreement with you likely will save you time and money overall. A divorce attorney may even be able to help with mediation.

Here are some helpful tips from The Carlson Law Firm on finding a divorce attorney who is right for you:

1) Prioritize the rapport you have with the attorney. You likely will be telling your divorce attorney things you've told very few people about your marriage, your children, and your finances. Consider how comfortable you are with an attorney at the first meeting, as it likely will reflect your rapport as the case progresses.

2) Seek recommendations from family and friends. As you're considering their suggestions, consider whether their case is similar to yours and how they feel about the final outcome, fees, and process.

3) Do your own research and schedule a consultation. As you explore the attorney's website, you should see that he or she has extensive experience with divorce cases, including specific situations such as

  • Mediated Settlement agreements
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Spousal support or spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Property division

You can contact The Carlson Law Firm 24-7 to schedule a free consultation. They have several knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who will treat your case with the care and compassion it deserves. They even offer additional tips online on preparing for that important first meeting.

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