In 2003, DMX promised "X gon' give it to ya" on his hit song of the same name. Eighteen years later, the 50-year-old rapper has yet to walk back on those words. As DMX prepares to release what can be presumed to be his next studio album, the New York native announces a collaboration with one of Brooklyn's beloved rhymers.

On Monday (Feb. 8), in a brief snippet of an unreleased interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ Efn for their Drink Champs podcast, DMX was asked about other artists he's collaborated with, possibly for a new project, that would appeal to a younger hip-hop audience. In response, the late Pop Smoke is among a few other rappers that Dark Man X has new music with.

N.O.R.E. dropped a few names like Lil Tjay and Meek Mill, whom X says aren't the type of "new" artists he's worked with on his new tracks. "I got uh, Griselda boys, Pop Smoke," X answered. "That's what type of new I'm doing."

X added that he hadn't met Pop prior to him being shot and killed in Feb. 19, 2020. "The growl and everything, I guess it's just a coincidence," DMX said.

The conversation shifted a bit when N.O.R.E. began comparing Pop's grit to X's and 50 Cent's. The show's cohost then inserted that the Meet the Woo rapper could've metaphorically been 50 Cent and DMX's love child since the late rhymer has similar rap qualities of X and Fif.

"But he [50 Cent] would have the baby. It would be ours, but he would have it," DMX joked in good spirit.

Talks about DMX's ninth studio album began in March of 2020, when the rapper announced he had been working on releasing a new album after five years of silence. In August of last year, X shared that the album was coming soon in an Instagram post, writing, "here comes the boom... album coming soon."

Since DMX is offering more insight on who will be featured alongside himself on this potential forthcoming effort, it's safe to assume a project of some sort is indeed on its way.

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