Famous pizza chain Domino's is hosting a free food giveaway.

Domino's is known all around the world for its delicious pizza and wings. With Uber Eats and Doordash taking over for the food delivery business, the pizza chain is introducing a new promotion to compete. The 'Surprise Frees' promotion was announced Monday via press release. This new giveaway is to provide customers with a flat rate fee and special incentive to order directly from Domino's. 

Now through Nov 21st, Domino’s is giving away $50 million worth of free food to customers that place a delivery order online. Customers who place an order online have the chance to receive a free hand-tossed pizza, boneless chicken, handmade pan pizzas, stuffed cheesy bread, crunchy thin-crust pizzas, and chocolate lava crunch cakes with their order. 

According to KWTX, Domino's will notify those who are randomly selected through their order confirmation, and the store will put a blue surprise frees sticker on the item. 

I love Domino's crust so I'll be ordering to see if I can be a lucky winner. 


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