The spooky season is in full effect, and of course stories of scary occurrences are in full effect. Sometimes, the hauntings are more silly than scary, like these ghosts we mentioned previously, but for the most part, bone chilling tales add to the atmosphere of the Halloween holiday. Then there are times where fiction is actually fact.

One example? The existence of Vampire bats.

Yes, Vampire Bats Are Real

We've all heard the stories such as Dracula involving a vampire turning into a bat. But vampire bats are a living animal, and for some of us, that might unnerve us a little bit. For Texas especially, bats are actually more part of the state than some may realize.

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According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas holds the honor of having the most bat species in the nation. If current trends continue, the vampire bat will soon join the Lone Star State. The Texas State Director at the USDA, Mike Bodenchuk, even stated  to the Telegram that the vampire bat might be flying around the state currently.

Does The Vampire Bat Help Or Harm?

Some may be questioning if the vampire bat helps or harms the environment. The answer is yes and no. Data reported from the Star-Telegram by the Texas Farm Bureau states that the bats cause $47 million in damages. However, vampire bats can provide help to many items as well.

Their saliva, known as the aptly named Draculin, prevents blood clots. The Star-Telegram even states that the saliva may even used to treat medical conditions in humans. Data from the bats may even help stop the next pandemic.

But more importantly, while they cause damage, they also help attack insects that could potentially harm livestock in Texas. In contrast to the damage, they help by providing over $53 million in pest control costs.

So, should we welcome or shun vampire bats? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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