Like father, like son. Recently, Drake's dad, the now-famed Dennis Graham, got himself a massive tattoo of another person's face on his body. This one shouldn't really lead to any raised eyebrows, though, because the image is of his son, Drizzy.

According to TMZ, Drizzy has a tattoo of his father's mugshot tatted on his arm, so his pops wanted to get one to match. With this in mind, Graham  asked tattoo artist Money Mike to do the tatt while he was at his birthday party. Mike agreed to render the tattoo, and four hours later, it was done—free of charge.

The Drizzy tattoo obviously features Drake's likeness, but not quite his current style. In the image, we see Drake's got the really short hair, with a beard that's just coming in. It most definitely looks like the Toronto superstar, though. Graham's also got an OVO owl tattoo.

As we alluded to before, Drizzy himself is no stranger to getting tatts of other people plastered across his body. At some point this year, Drake inadvertently revealed a tattoo of Lil Wayne on his arm. Before that, he'd gotten a tattoo for Aaliyah and then some ink for Sade. Somewhat recently he even got one for Denzel Washington.

With all of that in mind, it'd be interesting to see what other ink Drizzy's pops has under wraps, or even if he has any more. If not, we can't rule out the possibility he goes on a tatt spree like his son.

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