Attention Texas, this article will move through several fonts like satire, tongue in cheek, and sarcasm with or without warning as I attempt to address a proposed new idea from our federal government. The top medical officer in the United States is Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy who believes that warning labels are paramount to the existence of social media apps and platforms.

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Look, I am all for warning labels because they are great ideas for things like upcoming severe weather, surfaces that are extremely hot, seat belts, or when there are exposed wires or other dangers nearby. However, when has a warning label ever been put on a vice, and rendered a successful outcome?

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When has the warning label ever aided in putting down a liquor bottle, pack of tobacco product, or dissuaded you from playing a video game or purchasing and streaming explicit music? Additionally, I am 100% in agreement that social media is a bad idea for not just teens, but all children, and what is beginning to look like a large percentage for the rest of humankind as well.

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I know this is an opinion piece, and it is very obvious I am not the biggest fan of social media especially since AI is making it even more challenging for consumers to see through what is real and fake. What is not fake is that real life happens when you put down the screens and interact with people.

Over consuming stuff online is just as poisonous to our bodies as eating the wrong food. You may not drop dead, but the cumulative effect permanently damages your whole quality of life.

Texas is a growing state with a healthy birth rate, so let's come up with ideas that will actually benefit the kids.

My wife and I have three kids, and there is nothing a warning label on social media can do to stop them from using it. Only my wife and I can do that.

Just like only you can make the decisions your family selects to determine what is healthy or bad, and how much your family cares.

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