If your family is anything like mine in trying to survive the Texas summer, part of that strategy is finding the best places to go swimming because there are plenty of incredible water holes, shut-ins, and reservoirs to seek adventure. One of our favorite places is Lake LBJ because with the surrounding dams the water level remains a constant level no matter the seasonal droughts or flooding that come along.

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If you are looking for cool and clear water, then the number one lake you should be adventuring to this summer is straight west of San Antonio. It is not only the deepest body of water in the state, it is also known to have crystal clear visibility to more than 20 feet.

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The more clear the water, the less sunlight absorption to help keep the warmth level down, and if the surface is a little too bath watery for you, just dive deeper to find more refreshing temperatures. Of course the deeper you dive in any body of water, the cooler the temp will be, but with this lake, you can just keep on diving and still see several feet in front of you.

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Lake Amistad is a reservoir that sits on the Mexican border, so we share the water with our neighbor to the south. It was formed at the confluence of the Devils River meeting the Rio Grande. And just like our state's name comes from the Caddo word for friendly, Amistad is from the Spanish word for friendship.

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For the record, Lake Amistad reaches about 217 feet deep, and narrowly surpasses Lake Travis that bottoms out around 210 feet.

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