Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown resigned Wednesday after pleading guilty to assault charges stemming from a fistfight he and his brother had with two men from Killeen inside a Whataburger restaurant on New Year's Day.

KDFW-TV reports that Brown and his brother, Bobby, exchanged words with Matthew Longoria and his friend following an incident in the parking lot of a Midlothian Whataburger. Video which has not yet been released reportedly shows the Brown brothers assaulting the two men. Longoria told investigators he warned the the Browns he planned to call police, at which point Johnny Brown reportedly said, "We are the cops."

According to KDFW, Brown turned in a letter of resignation and surrendered his peace officer's certificate during a hearing with a special prosecutor Wednesday. He was fingerprinted, booked, and photographed immediately after, but did not serve time in jail as he was only sentenced to a single day and a $500 fine.

Brown apologized to the victims and the people of Ellis County, who are now without a sheriff. His brother's case is ongoing.

KDFW reported in January that Brown's attorney initially argued that Brown walked into the restaurant, saw his brother being assaulted, and rushed in to help. Brown now admits that story was false.

Let us take a moment to remember that Whataburger is a place for enjoying a tasty Texas burger or 2 AM honey butter biscuit, not for getting into moronic fights for the sake of our egos. (That's what cowboy bars are for.)

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