Back in 2014, Toyota announced they were moving their North American headquarters from California to Plano, TX. Now, the Dallas Morning News reports the Japan-based auto maker is building an executive retreat in the small town of Argyle, just outside of Dallas.

According to the DMN piece, the multi-million dollar, 75+ acre ranch style retreat for local execs and VIP visitors will feature a performance track, a private car museum, Japanese gardens, fishing ponds, horse stables, barns, and guests houses.

The performance track is visible in aerial footage uploaded by YouTube user Adam Merritt in June of 2016.

DMN reports that the facility will not be open to the public, and won't be an events center. Instead, it will be a private getaway for Toyota's top brass and special guests, and will be maintained by caretakers living on the property.

If the blurry photos from the property's 2014 real estate listing are any indication, the Tudor-style mansion will make for a pretty cushy stay. If you have any higher-up friends at Toyota, try to get yourself invited! (And make us your plus-one!)

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