By now you must have seen the viral video of Waco's BSR Cable Park highlighting The Royal Flush Texas Super Slide. If you're adventurous like some of us here, maybe you even went out for some water sports and crazy aerial lake diving.

Now as we sit in the dead heat of a Texas summer, BSR Cable Park just introduced its FOURTH Super Slide, which is BIGGER and FASTER than the other three. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

If your curiosity is peaked (or your child is screaming "can we go!?") you can learn more about BSR Cable Park on their Facebook page and check out some of the amazing photos of scenery and Texans having out-of-the-ordinary fun in the sun. You never know when they might be giving tickets away! (hint)

We'll be making our way out there very soon to catch footage of the faster super slide but if you have any, we'd love to see and share it. Wear a life vest and have a safe summer!

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