Attention football fans! The 2020 NFL season starts on Sept. 9th, and that means fantasy football drafts are happening over the next 2 weeks. You came to the right place, as I have a winning draft strategy that I'll pass along to you for free!

I've dominated my league for years, and that's why I've earned the nickname "Coach." My first piece of advice for you is simple: have a plan heading into your draft. After that, it's all about when to draft a position. Spoiler alert: don't draft a defense in the first 10 rounds. I'll explain as I lay this out for you.

- The first five rounds are the difference. Have a plan of attack. A no-brainer running back, or wide receiver  is a must in the first round.
- Think running back in the second round.
- At least one elite wide receiver is a must.
- There are three tight ends that are true difference makers: Travis Kelce, George       Kittle, and Mark AndrewsThey’ll all go in the first 30 picks.
- If you don’t get Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, then wait until the fourth or fifth rounds to take your first quarterback and get value.
- Don’t take any player without knowing why you’re taking them.
- Do your research and don’t become a “slave to the rankings.”
- Pay attention to bye weeks, but don’t obsess over them.
- Don’t freak out when the inevitable run on a certain position starts. Stay calm and stay the course.
- There’ll likely be one defense that dominates the league. Last year, it was the Patriots. The year before, it was the Bears. Don’t take a “D” before the tenth round…there are better opportunities out there.
- Take a kicker in the last round. No exceptions. Some leagues don’t even use them anymore.

And finally, don't forget about the waiver wire. Having a solid draft really is the key, but the waiver wire can help to bolster up your team along the way. Plus, there's always an idiot in the league that drops a guy who gets off to a slow start but ends up tearing it up late in the season. That's the guy you want on your team.

Good luck this year, and remember: to be the champion, you have to be a champion everyday!

You're welcome!

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