Life with a daughter like mine is fast, crazy and overwhelming. Today's tip is to never let distractions keep you from capturing a moment to remember forever. In this day and age where nearly every cell phone has a camera that is ten times better than the highest quality 35mm using top quality Kodak film, we have no excuse not to take a quick snap shot. Gone are the days of needing to take film to be developed and waiting an hour to see how many pictures you took that were not in focus and not what you wanted, today three seconds and two clicks and your picture is uploaded to Facebook.

I was sitting in the living room of our apartment the other day while my daughter was playing in her room. When a few moments pass with me not hearing some type of noise, I asked her to come to the living room so I could see what she was into. After my first passive request, I told Addyson she had three seconds to get in the living room.  When I got to three she reluctantly yelled, "I can't, I'm stuck!"

I got up and went to check on her.  I found her in her freshly ransacked bedroom, stuck in her chair that she had rocked too hard and tipped over backwards.  After seeing that it was propped up on a box, I left her there for a second to grab my phone to capture the moment.  Now I share...

Tipped Over Chair
Rocking too hard results in these type of accidents.  Disclaimer:  The Beast survived with out the need for even a band-aid.

Father Daughter Tip: Always take time for a picture!


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