Adding to my first ever SXSW Experience as a member of the press, I was able to attend a panel discussion between First Lady Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott, Dianne Warren, Sophia Bush moderated by Queen Latifah!

The conversation began covering how girls can excel in today's society, it then touched on how 62 million girls world wide are not receiving the proper resources to survive and to bring awareness to that cause.

It concluded with a Q & A with most questions geared toward The First Lady answering questions from what she'll miss most about being First Lady, to if she'll ever run for president.

Her responses were interesting!

Overall I am glad I got to participate at this historic event.

Annnnnnnnnddddd, they let me keep the cool sticker!

So now, I can really tell people I am White House Press lol! 

wh press sticker

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