I'm back for round two and fellas this time I'm focusing on you.

Being single allows me the opportunity to go out and socialize a lot more and honestly I'm haven't been impressed fellas. I decided you can't just sit around and complain with out trying to help the situation. So guys..Heres a list of DON'TS for the club!

Check them out..

1) DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT grab on the ladies talking about "Aye Lil mama in the red." Save the whack game and just come correct.

2) Stop expecting something in return when you buy a female a drink. When you go out and you plan to possibly get to know a lady buy the damn $5 drink and let it be that.

3) Do not wear NEW SHOES if you know your going to want to fight if someone steps on your shoe! It's the club people can't see the floor.

4) If you like to dance with women stick to strictly dancing. Lol Y'all be grabbing your mans asking him to hold you up while you literally hump the crap out of her. WE HATE IT.

5) If you are over 18 please stop with the matching fits! Let your homeboy wear whatever he wants! We get it y'all brothers!

Your welcome =) Go be GREAT!