Tina the mule was adopted by Fort Hood’s 1st Cavalry Division Horse Detachment in 2006. Now she's set to retire, and Ft. Hood officials are hoping someone can give her a safe, happy home.

KWTX reports that Tine was an operational draft mule until last year, and has been a part of countless cavalry charges, mounted demonstrations, parades, and color guards according to the post. Tina's sister Dolly past away last year due to bone cancer.

Tina is healthy and has no special diet to follow. She loves free choice coastal Bermuda hay and lots of green pasture grass according to the post. Anyone who would like to adopt the mule should submit a request in writing with any questions to 1CDHorseCavalryDetachment@gmail.com within the next two weeks. You'll receive an application packet and full instructions.

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