If you are around deer or hunt them and most of all if you eat their meat, you may want to be aware of Chronic Wasting Disease now being called "Zombie Deer Disease"

It's called that because the disease eats holes in animals brains, making them lose the fear of humans causing them to be lethargic and salivate.

The Center for Disease Control is warning people in 23 states including provinces in Norway, Finland, Canada, and South Korea about the disease after it was found that thousands of deer were infected back in 2002 in Wisconsin.

White-tailed deer buck along the edge of the woods
Getty Images/iStockphoto


According to the CDC, the disease affects the brain spine and tissue of deer elk and moose.

It starts infecting proteins in the brain and is passed through body fluids and tissue.

There is no known cure yet for this disease and is no reported cases in humans, but a study done back in 2017 showed monkeys who ate infected deer meat contracted the disease.

It was also first detected in Iowa back in 2013, there are now 45 cases of this disease is transmitted and recently this past year 17 detected.

The CDC is warning the public to test venison or elk meat before you eat it and suggests not feeding deer and to throw carcasses in landfills.

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