A Dallas entrepreneur has found a way to help foster kids that have aged out of the system.  He's doing it by hiring them at his business, La La Land Kind Cafe.

Ciara Moten is one of those kids.  A year ago she had lost her job and her car and ended up homeless.  Now she is a barista at the cafe. Thanks to her employment there, she has landed back on her feet and is doing much better.

“I ended up having an interview,” Moton told KTVT-TV, “and right after the interview they said, ‘Wow, you’re the perfect fit! We would love for you to work here’, and honestly it was mind-blowing to me, because I didn’t think they would want me, you know. I guess that it’s just the feeling of being in the foster care system… "

Francois Reihani the entrepreneur who founded the cafe said he found out about foster kids who aged out of the system when he was at local non profit meeting.

He knew he had to do something to help, and he has by creating the We Are One Project which ended up opening the cafe to hire kids like Ciara. He told CBS News that the program cuts into his profits, but that it's all part of the balance of life. He seems proud to be helping kids in need and giving back to his community.

This is great way to help out and give kids who have aged out the foster care system a chance to get back on their feet and be successful.

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