Even though the only women that I end up picking up now are my daughter and niece, I still remember those single days when I was out and about looking for a new girl.  If that is the situation that you find yourself in, then here are a few things that, according to Match.com, turn women on.  I mean if you can't trust a dating site that relies on people needing help finding women, then who can you trust?

1.  Body Odor - I'm guessing this doesn't mean that you need to go work out and then head straight to the bar, more than likely it means that you don't need to OVERPOWER a woman with cologne or other scents.

2.  Scars and Blemishes - Scars show that you have been through something and have not been in a padded room your whole life.  Blemishes show that you are confident enough in yourself to not go into lock-down mode because of a pimple or cut.

3.  Stereotypes - Keep in mind that some women go for the manly man and some women go for the sensitive type.  Both can be a turn on for the right kind of woman, you just have to find her.

4.  Awkwardness - As of late there has been a trend of women that are turned on by the more nerdy of the male species.  Don't be afraid to be yourself and if that is the case, then nerd out!  

Just a few helpful hints from your friendly dating website on a Friday morning.  Good luck this weekend!

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