Russell Simmons is currently at the center of several sexual assault allegations that have come out over the last few months. But while claims don't paint the Def Jam Recordings co-founder in the best light, especially among women, former Def Jam artist, Foxy Brown, is showing her support for the hip-hop mogul.

On Saturday (Feb. 24), she posted an open letter dedicated to Uncle Rush on Instagram. The post features a photo of Fox and Russell sitting front row at a fashion show from years ago, and has the song "Solid As a Rock" from reggae artist Sizzla playing in the background. She addresses her support for her former boss in the caption.

"An open letter..........💋," she starts. "Attesting to the character of the man who, as a teenager saved my life. Salaciousness and scandal garners headlines. Cowards cower. But as inarguably, Russell’s biggest Def Jam female protege, (who birthed an era of overtly evocative stars), the man I’ve known and loved, was nothing more than the respectful, respected, gentleman and GODFATHER OF HIP-HOP we’ve all adored. In staunch support, Praying for you Russ!💋. Let’s send our LOVE. ❤️Fox @unclerush."

Foxy started her career on Def Jam in 1996 and has dropped three albums on the label, with her last studio LP being Broken Silence in 2001.

Starting back in November, over a dozen women have accused Russell Simmons of sexual misconduct of some sort, dating back nearly 25 years. He maintains his innocence in all allegations.

See Fox's post below.

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