Burner social media accounts are a thing of the present and Freddie Gibbs is up on game. In fact, he's admitted to using fake Instagram accounts to make fun of his rapper peers.

During a recent interview with GQ magazine, which was published on Wednesday (March 31), Gangsta Gibbs shared that he uses burner IG pages to taunt rappers in their comments section.

"I’ve been doing songs with those niggas lately, so I’ve been taking notes," he said. "You’re never too old to learn. Niggas become irrelevant because they stop learning and being sponges to the game. I eat, sleep, and breathe this shit, every day. I’m looking at what everybody’s doing. I’m getting on fake Instagram pages leaving comments like, ‘That shit is wack.’ I’m doing all kinds of bullshit, taunting people."

Interestingly, Freddie Gibbs admitted during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast last month that he does in fact have a fake Instagram page.

Nonetheless, Gibbs appears to have an interesting relationship with the social media platform. Back in December of 2020, he was banned from Instagram. At the time, he claimed that him being prohibited from using the site was the "end of an era."

Freddie Gibbs tweeted last year, "I just got banned from gram.  😂. Instagram banned me when I got my super powers." He added, "End of an era.  😂."

In February, Gibbs spoke on the IG ban once again while on Showtime's Desus & Mero. He explained, "They kicked me off the muthafuckin’ ‘Gram,” he said, before relaying the explanation he was provided after his ban. “They said I'm an excessive bully, they said I put too much nudity and sexual behavior, but really they say I'm bullying niggas, that's what I get flagged for everyday. So I'm like, 'Who the fuck am I bullying?'"

The Alfredo rhymer also said he's unsure who accused him of bullying, but he believes people were penning letters to the powers that be at Instagram

No need to fret, Freddie Gibbs' Instagram account is currently alive and well.

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