Following the numerous beefs Young Chop has initiated with rappers over the last week, French Montana is giving his two cents on the Chicago producer's shenanigans.

On Sunday (April 5), French posted a message on Twitter directed at Chop, calling for an evaluation of his mental health.

"Is sad to see this fake ass shit! Young shop need to be in a mental institution Is only a matter of time till somebody take his life," Montana wrote, expressing concern for Chop's safety. "Than all u going see is #rip…and a bunch of fake shit ! if somebody care about that man go grab him and take him somewhere."

French Montana's message comes shortly after Chop decided to pull up to 21 Savage's old stomping grounds in the Allen Temple section of Atlanta on Sunday. The search for Savage occurred amid a statewide shelter-in-place order in Georgia. The producer later claimed he was shot at while riding in an Uber looking for 21.

"Yo, they need to go hire some more shooters, bro," Chop says in a video. "Really, bro. Y'all let off that many shots and ain't hit shit, bro." 21 Savage has yet to respond to the claims made by Young Chop that he was shot at in Savage's old neighborhood.

Since March 25, Young Chop has waged a verbal war with Meek Mill, 21 Savage, Sean Kingston, Waka Flocka Flame and more. While some rappers have chosen to take the high road, others have fired back with insults.

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