It seems like every other day there is a "can't miss moon" that comes every 1.2 thousand years. I usually couldn't care less, but when I heard that this Friday there is going to be a 'pink moon' my interest was piqued. I mean, how often is the moon pink on Good Friday?

Alas, I was duped. It turns out the 'pink moon' will appear more orange or yellow! False advertising to the T.

The hype for this thing is unbelievable when, in reality, the name 'pink moon' simply refers to the full moon in the month of April and was coined after the moss pink herb which usually blossoms this time of year. The big moon industry would have you think otherwise. The nerve.

So if you happen to have a three day weekend, don't pay attention to the moon. Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset. Thank you, and happy Easter.


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