You don't have to live in Texas very long to see how fast the weather can change. It was almost 95 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. It was 66 degrees this morning and parts of Texas are inundated with water. In less than 48 hours, the entire climate of our state has gone from scorching summer to a cool fall season with the skies blanketed in clouds.

The flooding of San Marcos River on Monday came suddenly and flooded the land in a dramatic fashion. Check out these Texas flood videos that were being shared on Twitter all day yesterday.

The video shows flooding near Elmendorf, Texas over the course of just an hour and a half!

Roadways were blocked due to heavy rain Monday morning in Texas.

But at least it's less than 95 degrees! =)

And that means Christmas is more closer than it is far when it comes to the calendar.

Forget "back in my day". Some people still walk in the rain to get to school.

Break out the tubes so you can get out of school in style at Texas State University.

And then realize there's always a treasure at the end of the rainbow.