The wait is finally over. Future and Lil Uzi Vert have answered their fans' endless questions about if they're dropping a mixtape or a new song.

On Friday afternoon (July 31), Hendrix and Uzi delivered two new tracks: "Over Your Head" and "Patek."

"Everything I said went right over your head, your head/Went right over your head/She keep tryna text me, leave her messages on read/On read, leave 'em on read/Fuck it off and end up with your best friend instead/Instead, your best friend instead/I just spent three million dollars, they fell in her bed/In her bed, they fell in her bed," Uzi croons in Auto-Tune on the hook of the uptempo "Over Your Head."

On "Patek" the former XXL Freshmen trade off on the hook. "Three-ninety-two, switch it up with the cat (Cat)/I got a million right here on my lap (On my lap)/Bought a new/Spider then take off the plastic/I stomp on that forty eight eight, hit the gas/Rick Owens pants, they lay to relax/Crocodile Dundee, Don C on my hat/Alligator shoe on the pedal when I press it (Oh yeah)/Alligator shoe on the pedal when I press it (Brrt, brrt)," Uzi and Future rap, as they alternate on each bar.

The new records come about a week after Lil Uzi and Future both posted a snippet of a Hype Williams-directed visual on their respective Instagram pages. The clip was sparing on details and only revealed that the track was a collab with "Pluto" and "Baby Pluto," which is Future and Uzi's respective nicknames. The clip ended with a date—July 31—which was thought to be the release date of the song or video. However, as previously mentioned, it was uncertain if they were teasing a new song or an entire project.

This afternoon, Future shared an IG post containing photos of himself and Uzi. He captioned the upload, "BABY PLUTO DAY." Hours later, he shared another visual, also directed by Hype Williams, featuring himself and Uzi. At the end of the clip, which takes place inside a liquor store, Lil Uzi Vert and Future speak on Pateks, short for a Patek Philippe watch.

"Different color watches and shit," Future says at the end of the IG teaser. Uzi chimes in and tells Hendrix, "I'm talking ’bout Patek levels, for real." As the visual fades out, Future can be heard saying, "Got damn Patek levels."

Check out Future and Lil Uzi Vert's new songs "Over Your Head" and "Patek" below.

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