If you're one of the many folks traveling this week for some good ol' turkey and apple pie, you don't have to worry too much about your fuel stops completely wiping out your travel budget.

I've noticed the prices around the radio station are getting nice and close to that under $2 dollar mark. I mean, back in my day we paid 12 cents a gallon (I'm secretly 78).

So anyway, I checked out Gasbuddy.com to see the local prices.  In the station's zip code (76504), the lowest price was $2.09 and the highest was only $2.19 - all below the state average of $2.24.

Somewhere in Texas, there's a station with unleaded as low as $1.89. I will travel 10,000 miles out of my way just to fuel up there. That makes sense, right?

I'm not traveling far for Thanksgiving, but I have a long commute every day. I'm in Georgetown, so it takes me a good 40 minutes plus to get to the radio station here in Temple. I'm as cheap as the day is long, so I appreciate a good price on anything.


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