One of Central Texas' favorite dessert stops was broken into late Sunday evening.

According to a Facebook post from Gelu Italian Ice, the trailer that houses Gelu's amazing goodness was broken into late Sunday evening at 900 West Waco Dr.

Gelu stated, "It hurts because we are trying to move into an area that is viewed throughout Waco as not being a safe place. We wanted to challenge that we wanted to change that. By serving the community that is so often times overlooked."

What started as a normal Monday quickly changed when the Gelu staff discovered that their trailer had been raided. The thieves took Gelu's generator, iPad, treasury, and even unplugged all of the freezers, causing Gelu to lose all of their product.

Photo Courtesy of Gelu Italian Ice Waco

To top it off, several buckets of Gelu were also reported to be missing.

"We were shocked, disheartened. We are such a new business, the struggle with corona, and now this," Gelu expressed in an interview.

While some businesses may have closed for the day to recover, Gelu kept pushing and bought a new generator the same day. Gelu had a schedule to keep, and even added an additional stop for the evening.

"I think it has made our whole staff even more eager to make September our best month yet, and make even more than we have months prior," Gelu responded when asked about the staff's morale after the break-in.

Photo Courtesy of Gelu Italian Ice Waco

While Gelu does not plan on creating a Gofundme, they are asking for the community to continue to show their support by stopping by for some delicious Italian ice. You can also schedule a booking for Gelu to come directly to your school or place of business by texting or calling (254) 304-5440. You should also be aware that Gelu offers 15% of their proceeds back to any school that books them for junior high or high school football games!

Photo Courtesy of Gelu Italian Ice Waco

Keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when Gelu will be at a place near you! Also if you find someone who happens to have buckets of Gelu in stock, you should probably alert the Waco PD.

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