RATCHETRY at its best!

As you can see there is purple hair.

Boobs pop out (yes!).

Hair is being grabbed.

There's plenty of ass to look at.

There's hair weave.

There's glitter....

There are guys....not breaking it up but egging it on...

chanting World Starrr!! World Starrrr!!

A good ole girl fight. YES!!!! You gotta love it !  LOL

So after the police pepper spray the chicks to break it up (or at least that what I think is pepper spray they are sure coughing as if it is) check out the dude posing for a pic (at the 1:22 mark) in front of chiks lying on the ground coughing from the pepper spray and the guy at the 1:54 mark keeping the party going!

I can't make this stuff up LOL!!




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