Early Sunday Morning one person was killed and many others were shot on 6th street in downtown Austin. Victims were spread throughout the area authorities said.

Jordan Naylor

A search for the suspect led to 24 year old Endicott Mccray being captured at a bus station outside of Atlanta, Georgia early Wednesday morning.

Reportedly, members of the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force spotted McCray wearing a raincoat and thought he looked suspicious because rain coats aren't necessarily in fashion this time of year.

Court records show McCray got into a fight with his brother-in-law after he was shoved. He then pointed the gun at his brother-in-law after firing a shot into the ground then turned it sideways and fired “up to four more gunshots.”

Teqnika Marie Moultrie, 30, was killed as a result of the incident while walking down a crowded sidewalk.