Addressing the state of Texas Monday afternoon, Governor Greg Abbott announced the stay at home order will not be renewed and Texas business are allowed to reopen Friday, May 1st.

According to KWTX, movie theaters, museums, libraries, retail stores, and malls may reopen on Friday, but occupancy must only be limited to "25% capacity".

Slightly contradicting what he said last week about barbershops, hair salons, bars, and gyms being able to reopen “in early May”, Abbott stated that if this first phase goes well, they will be able to re-open in mid-May.

He also stressed that we redouble our efforts to protect senior citizens.

Just because things are opening up doesn't mean we should be lax in our hygiene or precautions. Make sure you're continuing to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently, particularly after touching surfaces. Keep your hands away from your face, especially your eyes and mouth. Use hand sanitizer. Basically, just keep being smart and safe.


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