Granny's Mobile Kitchen In Killeen


So Thursday I'm coming from the event 'Hood Howdy' on post when I needed to put gas in the B106 truck.

I'm gassing up when a rapper dude walked up to me wanting to know how to get his music played.

Another cat walked up on me with a foam plate of fried ribs from the food trailer pictured above. Fried Ribs?? I never heard of it.

Being from the Midwest we only put ribs on the grill, ya dig?

So I tried them and fell in love!!

The owners of Granny's Mobile Kitchen in Killeen, Mike Warren and Ed Lilly specializes in Fried Ribs.

Originally from Many, Louisiana they wanted to do something nobody was doing here in Central Texas.

They've been at the Shell Gas Station since May, as you can see they not only fry ribs but they fry alot more!


Pay no attention to the grease on the flyer that was from the Catfish plate I had to go! No judging!



Hit them up on Facebook! They are outside the Shell Gas Station on Fort Hood Road right at 190! Wednesday - Saturday from 11:30- 6:30pm