YG has responded to Quik's claims in succinct fashion.

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Back in June DJ Quik hinted that he was gearing up to sue a certain Compton rapper, and after taking to Twitter Sunday night (Aug. 7) there is no doubt that he was referencing YG. In a series of tweets, Quik outlines his dissatisfaction with the credit or lack there of that he received for his efforts on YG's "My Nigga," what can be considered the break-out single for the west coast-repping MC.

"Y'all had me engineer and record My Nigga for @YG and did not give me credit. My Lawyer has You [in] HIS sights. You've fucked up," Quik wrote to Stampede Management, which claims to represent Snoop Dogg, Quik and YG, though their Twitter account has been inactive since May of 2013. "Be safe on the block I invented," Quik then wrote to YG, adding, "You don't FUCK with Dj Quik."

He continued to call out YG and Def Jam for failing to give him his proper due, asking for a plaque for the platinum selling single. "Shoot me my engineering credits for stemming and recording vocals on your platinum song My Hitta or whatever u call it," he wrote, "and shoot my Platinum plaque to: Dj Quik."

Failure to provide proper payment, recognition or credit for one's contributions has occurred before in rap, and though Quik ended his string of messages by asking for a response, YG's Twitter feed remains focused on his current music and performance schedule. Check out Quik's tweets on the matter below.

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