Meek Mill caught a big break in his legal case yesterday (April 24) when the Philadelphia rapper was finally released from prison after being granted bail by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it looks like he still has some hurdles to get over, as the judge on his case reportedly refuses to recuse herself despite a light suggestion from the Supreme Court.

According to TMZ, Judge Genece Brinkley will reportedly be staying on Meek's legal case as he works to appeal the convictions against him. During their ruling yesterday, the Supreme Court did not remove Brinkley from the case, but recommended that she "may opt to remove herself from presiding over this matter."

Her lawyer, A. Charles Peruto, Jr., tells the outlet that she feels that she has given and will continue to give the Wins & Losses lyricist a fair trial.

Meek's next hearing is in June, where it will be determined as to whether his drug and weapons case will be thrown out due to the testimony of the crooked cop who originally arrested Meek. The rapper's legal team has been asking Brinkley to toss out the conviction, but Peruto told the outlet that she may not side in that direction based on the testimonies of other cops in the case.

If you recall, the Assistant District Attorney and Meek's probation officer both recommended that he be released on bail, but Brinkley has repeatedly shut down the requests at bail hearings. The entertainer's legal team has also previously said that the judge holds a personal grudge against the rapper, and called for her to be removed from the case.

We'll keep you updated on the status of Meek's legal case, but for now, we can continue to celebrate his release.

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