Gucci Mane has been teasing new music for the better half of the year, but now that he's settled down and his legal issues are far behind him, the Atlanta legend has a couple other ideas in mind.

In a new full-length feature with GQ, the "Real Rich" rapper shared his two-year plan in light of his extended $10 million deal with Atlanta Records. With his newly-obtained passport in tow, Gucci plans on tripling his personal fortune and becoming a "prominent worldwide entertainer" by the time he's 40, which is just two years away. He's reportedly already worth over $12 million as of this year, so the increase would leave him pretty well off as he jet sets with his wife, model Keyshia Ka'oir.

"I always wanted to go to all these different countries and I couldn't go," he explained. "It took me until now, 38 years, to be able to. Soon as I land, it's like everybody else is, like, ready to work. But to me, it ain't work. It's like, damn, look at that building! Look at the cars! I just wanna go in a coffee shop. I just wanna see shit. I just wanna talk to somebody. 'Cause I've been waiting all this time to do it."

Gucci Mane revealed he'd like to make Australia and Africa his first stops so he can travel through some of their many safaris.

During the interview, which took place at The Hit Factory Criteria Miami, the legendary trap artist was working on his forthcoming album, Evil Genius. In July, Gucci, who was just featured on T-Pain's new track "Might Be," released a trailer for the LP in which Lil Pump cameos. The two recently collaborated on La Flare's Murda Beatz-produced cut "Kept Back."

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